The Handstand

I’m working on my 30 day challenge post, but it’s longer than anything else I’ve written, and I’m not quite ready to publish it yet, so I thought I’d write about The Handstand while I’m mulling over day 5.

I’ve always loved handstands, even if I’ve never really been able to do one unassisted. I used to sort of be able to do them against a wall, but what with my recent weight gain (even though I’m down 8 pounds from 2 or 3 weeks ago, yay me, but imagine what would happen if I exercised), I just don’t feel comfortable hurling my entire body against a wall. My arms are weak, my core is weak, and I know this. I know my limits. But I want to do a damn handstand! Okay, what I really want to do is stick a handstand on a beach, actually on a washed up log on a beach. I have NO idea where this fantasy came from, but I REALLY want to be able to do this. At least the beach part. It may be a lifelong search to find the perfect log, but I basically want to be able to do an unassisted handstand. It’s just cool. And to do it I’d have to be in excellent shape, which would also be cool, obviously.

So I’m working on it, and now the world (because the world reads my blog, I know) knows that this my intent. My friend Renee teaches yoga and has agreed to “coach” me in handstand-ing, and right now I’m doing a few L poses (haha that pic is so cute, I couldn’t find any others online, and I’m by myself right now so I can’t snap a photo of me doing one, but in the future I will model for y’all) a day, and once I am able to hold that pose for 5-6 breaths, I will practice sticking one leg up, one leg on the wall, until eventually I can have both legs up! When I’m good at doing handstands inside on a flat surface, we will take it outside to uneven ground, to eventually some logs! We actually know where there are a bunch of logs we could practice on. But that’s a loooong way out, I can still hardly hold the L pose for more than 2 breaths, and I really need to tone up the ole body.

In addition to my twice daily L poses, I am going to be rocking my Shake Weight for at least two minutes a day. And no, I will not be video recording or taking any photos of that hot mess. And I’ve got to start hitting the gym. A handstand requires what feels like a full-body flex, so my full body needs to be strong. So I’m going to get strong and post my progress on here. Maybe I will take a pic every week, yeah, that’s what I will do. I’ll have the roommate take one of my awesomely embarrassing L pose tomorrow, because I have to start somewhere! Then be sure to tune in every Saturday to see how my handstand is coming along.

That, my friends, is the story of the handstand.

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