Every Waking Hour Project

Savanna over at Savvy & Sweet came up with a great idea. She calls it the “Every Waking Hour Project,” and I think it’s brilliant. You can read all about it here, but the idea is pretty simple. You take a photo every hour, on the hour, that you’re awake in a day. I really wanted to do it as soon as I read about it, and I tried a few times, but I’d always forget about it until I had been up and about for several hours. So this weekend I decided to set alarms for every hour on Monday, and I actually did/am doing it! I wanted to make sure I did it this week, since it’s my last week of work. I had grand plans to go to Millennium Park this morning, but those fell through, so it’s been an unremarkable day, but it was a perfect way to document a very average day in my life. I will post all the pics tomorrow (hopefully), and will plan on doing this again sometime. If you follow me on Instagram (seedyell), you can check out my progress so far. Like I said, it’s nothing too exciting, but I love it. Thank you for the great idea, Savanna!

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