Every Waking Hour: The Pictures

Since I am doing the Every Waking Hour Project again today, I thought I ought to post the photos from the first one I did on June 25. It was one of my last days of work, and now I’m in one of my first weeks of my new job, so the contrast will be interesting. Thanks again to Savanna at Savvy and Sweet for this awesome idea!

Here is my Monday, June 25, in pictures:

7:00 am: shower time

I like to shower with the window open, but if I opened the bottom portion of the window, everyone would be able to see me. So I opt to crack open the top part, where only people on the roof could see me.




8:00 am: driving to work, running a tiny bit late

This is about two minutes away from work. I hate being late, but it happens!





9:00 am: at the park






10:00 am: leaving the park

Someone had to pee.






11:00 am: snuggling with baby A

I am not sure what he’s chomping on.





12:00 pm: break time on the deck

I have no idea why I chose to take a photo of my foot! Maybe I subconsciously knew I’d soon be breaking it, so I’d have something to compare it to. Who knows.




1:00 pm: trying to look for movers

It did not go well.






2:00 pm: baby is awake from his nap

It was his first day sharing a room with his brother, so he didn’t take quite the nap he usually does.





3:00 pm: the girl ask me to untangle their kites

I thought this would pass the time until O woke up.




4:00 pm: it was harder than I thought it would be







5:00 pm: as close as I got to getting them untangled

I left it like this. I wonder if the new nanny or the parents ever did get them untangled.






6:00 pm: good byes

I can always tell how much I’m loved when it’s time for me to go. So many hugs and “don’t go”s.





7:00 pm: home sweet tiny home

Aww, my little apartment. Still unoccupied, and up for rent!





8:00 pm: yoga time

Rockwell brown line station. I love hearing and feeling the train roar by when I’m in class. It’s calming to me, somehow.





9:00 pm: (actually taken at 9:30) post-yoga

There’s the least flexible man in the world.





10:00 pm: visiting Sara

I love her candles!






11:00 pm: trashy reality tv

RHONY, Sonja.






And finally, midnight: driving home up Ashland






That was fun! Now, I’m doing it again! If you want to see today’s pics as they happen, follow me on instagram (seedyell) or twitter.

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