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best (and worst) hotels

I’ve stayed in seventeen hotels since July. I love staying in hotels (they do my linen laundry, take out my trash, and sometimes even fold my clothes), but inevitably some are good, some are phenomenal, and some are bad. Most … Continue reading

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I haven’t written for a hot minute, but I decided to do a short recap of the last six months in my life, and maybe/hopefully continue to write about the places I visit, perhaps even in a timely fashion. So, … Continue reading

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Every Waking Hour: The Pictures

Since I am doing the Every Waking Hour Project again today, I thought I ought to post the photos from the first one I did on June 25. It was one of my last days of work, and now I’m … Continue reading

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Every Waking Hour Project

Savanna over at Savvy & Sweet came up with a great idea. She calls it the “Every Waking Hour Project,” and I think it’s brilliant. You can read all about it here, but the idea is pretty simple. You take a … Continue reading

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I know I was supposed to get back into the swing of writing posts, but I have admittedly been neglecting my poor, old (one year!) blog. And I hate to only write about musicals I see, but I can’t help … Continue reading

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Catching Up

I don’t know what I’ve been so “busy” doing lately, but I’ve been meaning to write about what I’ve seen since Donny & Marie. I know no one cares, but I want to remember what I saw and my impressions … Continue reading

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A Christmas review that is not untimely in any way

A year two months going on three months ago, I saw “Donny & Marie: Christmas in Chicago” at the Oriental Theatre. I went with my BFF pal, and we had quite the night! Christmas music is not my favorite, but luckily … Continue reading

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