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I know I was supposed to get back into the swing of writing posts, but I have admittedly been neglecting my poor, old (one year!) blog. And I hate to only write about musicals I see, but I can’t help … Continue reading

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Catching Up

I don’t know what I’ve been so “busy” doing lately, but I’ve been meaning to write about what I’ve seen since Donny & Marie. I know no one cares, but I want to remember what I saw and my impressions … Continue reading

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A Christmas review that is not untimely in any way

A year two months going on three months ago, I saw “Donny & Marie: Christmas in Chicago” at the Oriental Theatre. I went with my BFF pal, and we had quite the night! Christmas music is not my favorite, but luckily … Continue reading

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Mamma Mia!

I meant to write this on Friday, or at least over the weekend, but this is me we’re talking about! On Thursday I saw the North American tour of Mamma Mia!, and I was decidedly underwhelmed by the performance. I … Continue reading

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Mary Poppins

I’ve decided that I want to say a little something about the shows I see, not so much to share my awesome insight with the adoring public, but so I remember what I saw, when I saw it, and what … Continue reading

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Strange As It Seems

I have a new favorite musical! It was actually my first favorite musical until I had the misfortune of seeing an awful  production of it 11 years ago; after that I still loved the music but thought I hated the … Continue reading

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How To Greenify Yourself (or, Elphabatizing your face)

For Halloween this year I wanted to be my hero, Elphaba Thropp, from Gregory Maguire’s Wicked series. She’s also the center of the popular musical with the same name, which is where I got my very limited know-how on how to … Continue reading

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